Research, Development and Design

The generation and transfer of knowledge and technologies in polymeric materials, processing, and products make an essential part of our work as Institute as is highlighted in our mission “Turning knowledge into wealth”. The ICIPC through the service of Research, Development and Design (R&D) promotes and undertakes applied research projects in partnership with the plastic and rubber sector, as well as related-sector industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, food, energy, health, ICT, construction, among others.

Companies that use the service of Research, Development and Design will get the tools to develop differentiation and competitiveness strategies in domestic and international markets. Additionally, they can improve their productivity and product quality according to the standards and demands of globalized markets and growing environmental regulations.

The Research, Development and Design projects developed by the ICIPC respect and make proper use of intellectual property. They are based on a comprehensive study of the state of the art and technology, and they rely on international methodologies for innovation and use of clean technologies.
The professional resume of some of our researchers can be seen in deeper detail by following:

The ICIPC provides R&D technological services in the area of Polymeric Materials


  • Research in polymer modification and chemical, thermal and physical characterization of polymers and polymeric products
  • Development, characterization and formulation of rubber compounds and PVC
  • Development of compounds and polymer blends
  • Research in morphology and crystallization kinetics of polymers
  • Rheology Polymer Research
  • Research and development of new chemical, thermal and physical characterization techniques of polymers
  • Research and development of biodegradable polymers and sustainable materials compounds
  • Research and development of new compounds for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

The ICIPC provides R&D technological services in the area of Polymer Processing


  • Research on modeling and simulation of polymer transformation processes
  • Research, development and design in energy efficiency and polymer processing optimization
  • Research, development, design and improvement of polymer processing methods
  • Development and design of machine components, molds and dies for polymer processing
  • Software development for applied polymer processing.

Within the process technologies for the production of thermoplastic and elastomeric articles, the ICIPC provides R&D in:

  • Twin and single screw extrusion
  • Injection Molding
  • Blow molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Rotational molding
  • Resin transfer Molding
  • Calendering
  • Extrusion of functional foods, dietary supplements and drugs (HME - Hot Melt Extrusion)
  • Others

The ICIPC provides R&D technological services in the area of polymeric products


  • Development of sustainable products and solutions for health, automotive, energy, pharmaceutical, food, agro-industrial, logistics, construction, household and institutional sectors, among others
  • Development and design of polymeric products with the support of CAD and CAE tools to analyze thermal, mechanical and chemical performances.
  • Research, design and development in food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging interactions, allowing the shelf life estimation, its improvement and the compliance with national and international regulations
  • Development of new flexible and semi-rigid packaging including active and intelligent technologies.
  • Development of performance tests for polymer products
  • Product development with support of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing
  • Development of specialized software for product design and packaging.

Some of the technologies developed by ICIPC which have led to the creation of intellectual property can be seen in this link