Computational tool for packaging designpermeasoft

Permeasoft® is a computational tool that allows the adjustment of barrier properties of multilayer plastic packaging according to the shelf-life requirements for the preservation of food and drinks.

This tool includes:

  • A design and optimization module that allows the minimization of material cost (reduction of thickness) looking for a specified shelf life. The adhesion properties of the layers are considered for the design of the structure
  • A shelf life calculation module knowing the barrier properties of the package, the storage conditions and the kinetics of gases and vapor in food
  • A data base containing the barrier properties of some polymeric materials including algorithms to determine permeability variations with temperature and humidity. Likewise, the application has information of different foods, their water vapor absorption or desorption isotherms and their oxygen kinetics



  • Permeasoft® is a web application that works with most internet browsers
  • Permanent internet connection is required


How to order?

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